Who is Keon Howard?

Keon Howard is a sophomore quarterback at the University of Southern Mississippi. Howard was born and raised in Laurel, MS, only 30 miles away from Southern Miss. He graduated from Laurel High School in 2016, where he also played as quarterback for the football team. Howard was recruited and came to Southern Miss on an athletic scholarship. Though football played a major role in Howard’s decision to attend college at Southern Miss, he explains that sports are not his only interest in the university. Howard considers himself to be more than an athlete.

Howard is a Real Estate Finance Major and plans optimize his opportunities in his career field through the networking and connections he plans to make during his time at the university. Howard considers himself to be more than a football player because of his discipline and character in his personal life. Howard strives to give back to his community and the younger generation of children surrounding him and his community by mentoring them in ways that will help them become hard working and disciplined, for opportunities that he did not have growing up. Outside of football Howard considers himself outgoing and enjoyable to be around, a really “cool person to be around”. Howard believes that his mother and his high school coaching staff are the people who inspired him to be the hardworking young man he is today. He believes that his hard work and dedication to the things that he cares most about are outcomes of the lessons that his mother and coaching staff has taught him.

Howard’s future plans for his career is that of owning multiple businesses locally and cross states. He plans to own a few funeral homes and a trucking company for transporting goods across the states.

Keon Howard is a student-athlete determined to make the best of out his college education and the opportunities surrounding it. Howard sees himself as a person just “trying to do the right things”, never remaining content with where he is in life, but to constantly strive for better or the best of all the opportunities presenting themselves.