I would like to start off by staying, I will not continue blogging or being a blogger. I believe blogging is something that you either give your all to or you do it only in your spare time. I have so much on my plate and I procrastinate so often, that I rarely ever have spare time. Though I did enjoy the experience of blogging. 

   Overall, the Media Writing course has developed me as a writer. By that I mean, has challenged me greatly. Throughout my middle school , high school, and some college career I have had teachers tell me how great of a writer I am. As I said in my “Introduction” blog, I am a Leo and I fall under every characteristic of a Leo. One of the bad characteristics I have is cockiness. Once I have had numerous teachers and professors tell me how great of a writer I am, I became even more cocky about my skill/talent. This spring semester in my Media Writing class has humbled me tremendously. 

     I say that the class has humbled me because I have been challenged in every aspect of writing involved in journalism. My cockiness enabled me to the point that I would wait until the night before deadlines to write assignments. Crazy as that sounds, I would still come out with an “A” or a high “B”. After a few assignments and grades in this Media Writing class, I came to the realization that my cockiness had become laziness and that laziness was overshadowing my talent. 

    The course itself is to teach us about and how to write under each Media writing tools. I realized that I am great at writing creatively or about an assigned topic, using my words and thoughts. Writing for the media means that I have a completely new format to adjust to and also some tools involved me using a prewritten story. This was my hardest adjustment of the entire course. 

   If anyone knows me like I know myself, I know that I have a serious issue when it comes to procrastination. I am always late to class, work, etc. When it comes to homework and assignment deadlines, I always wait until the night before or the day of. My boyfriend once told me that I would most likely be late to my own funeral when that day came.

    In all honesty, I am never doing anything while I’m procrastinating. Most people think I am on my phone scrolling one of my social media apps, playing “Word Cookies” or “Candy Crush” on my phone, or watching television. Majority of the time I am either asleep, staring at the wall/ceiling, or just laying around with my eyes closed thinking. Strangely enough, all my thoughts are about school, work, or my future. 

Anywho, I am getting off topic. This Media Writing course challenged me greatly, but it also opened my eyes to how when I put the time in my writing is so much better. The class was rather difficult, but the professor of the course (Mr. Tubbs) made it as simple as he possibly could. I enjoyed my time in his class because it was not like a regular college course. Tubbs did not just plainly put PowerPoint slides on the projector for us to blank-mindedly copy down. Tubbs lectured to us, elaborated on what he was lecturing, and also had us do in-class activities to help us better understand. I am thankful for his style of teaching, because if it were anyone else or any other way I probably would not have ingested as much knowledge and skill as I did. 

  Though, it has been a rough spring semester for me in school, I believe I handled it better than I did the fall. I am thankful of the challenge this course gave me as a writer and proud of the skill set I have achieved along the way.     


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