The Challenge of Communicating Clearly Today

   I’m today’s world there is an ongoing challenge of communicating clearly. I firmly believe that any information (video, images, stories, news,etc.) given to any person is to be understood in that person’s perception. You can communicate the simplest things in as black and white as possible to a person, and there is still a chance that the person will have a different insight than what you expected them to have. 

 I believe that in our world today that communicating clearly has been such a challenge because of the different outlets of getting information out. You can get news from any source on the web, your phone, social media, the radio, television, news papers, and pretty much anything that a human being can utilize for that purpose. 

   Social media outlets are the most popularly used sources by teenagers to adults. Therefore, many news communicators have began to using social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,etc.). Each of these social media tools have different formatting, meaning each news outlet has to conform to the format in order to post. Which if you have used snap chat you know that you only get 10 seconds. That becomes a minor problem when attempting to communicate news, because many people can’t process information in 10 seconds. 

    There are also gossip blogs with their own websites and social media accounts, and they use them to put out important news often. For example, “The Shade Room” is a website that started as an Instagram account that mostly finds celebrity gossip and comments that are infamous. “The Shade Room” has became some popular and visited daily, that they have began to post serious news. That could be unclear to the visitors who are used to seeing celebrity gossip, which could cause people to misinterpret the news. 

    I do not believe anything needs to be changed about how anything is communicated in our world. I do believe it would be best for actual news sources to stick to using their own websites and if need be use Facebook or Twitter to link to their website, just to remain relevant in social media. No matter what the information will be interpreted in the reader’s perception. 
The Shade Room


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