Public Relations and Advertising 

   Public relations and advertising are easily compared and contrasted, because they are both fall under the same category. Public relations and advertising both simply push positive “images” out to the public for the company , person , or organization they working for. 

   In all honesty, public relations is thinly veiled advertising. A public relations representative’s job is to make sure there are positive images, news, stories, and information out about their client. Their client can range from a person, company, organization, school, and anything or anyone who needs positive representation. A public relations representative’s job could also involve “covering up” negative images for their clients or overshadowing the negative with the positive. It’s all in good faith to keep a good image. 

   Advertising is slightly different. An advertisement is a tool of persuasion, whether direct or indirect. When you see any asvertisement the purpose of it is to persuade you to desire something or to think a certain way about what you have seen or heard. Advertisements are made specifically for a company or organization, which means they will only be positive. 

     Public relations and advertising are pretty much one in the same. There are few differences in the two, but mostly similarities. In most cases advertisements are made by the public relations representative for that organization. 
Public Relations
The Comparison 


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