If there was a such thing as a paid “professional procrastinator”, I would be a millionaire by now. Then again I might not, because I would most likely proscrastinate on proscrastinating. 

    As strange as this may all sound, it’s not uncommon for a college student such as as myself to be like this. I am currently in the last few weeks of my sophomore year at a university. Any college student who is almost through or actually done, can tell you how long th journey is. I’m only half way through it and I have intentions of returning to be in graduate school. 

   Many say freshman year is going to be either your hardest year or your easiest year. Mine was somewhere in between. Academically it was fine, but socially it was awful. I had a major break up and make up with my significant other (huge mental/emotional distraction), but I managed and pulled it all off.

  My fall semester of my sophomore year convinced me that I was not cut out for college and it was time to give it all up. With a little motivation from my family(and the fact that my parents have already invested approximately $10,000), I continued on into my spring semester. 

   For the spring semester I quit my job to focus more on school and have more time for studying and getting work done in general. Which brings me to a quote from one of my online courses syllabus: “With great time comes great responsibility”. All this free time has shown me how awesome of a procrastinator I am. 

   As a matter of fact, I have the best example to sum up how great I am at this craft. This blog I am typing on is an assignment for a class I am in, and I have had from January to April to create and finish it. Today is the deadline to finish all 12 blogs, and this one here is the third one I have typed. 

Procrastination in college


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