Broadcast and Print News

   There are multiple forms of news to choose from and utilize. Broadcast news and print are the two most commonly used over history. 

   Of course, print news came before broadcast news. Print news in the most simple form is a newspaper. Newspapers were the first outlet for getting news out to the public . Newspapers are still around today in our society, but are not popularly used. Newspapers are are used pretty much by the people of the generations that only had that as a resource for getting news(besides television). Print news is more than just a newspaper, it can be a magazine also. 

  Broadcast news is what you see on television or hear over the radio. Radio broadcasting came before television. Broadcast news came about as a way to get news out soon as possible. Newspapers come out daily and are printed the night before. Which means that whatever newsworthy that happened after printing, would have to wait until the next paper. Broadcasting over the radio or television makes it quicker to get out to the public. 

   Writing for print and writing for broadcast are completely different but yet similar. When writing for print you write the important parts of a story but you also get to go into details on the story or the information. While writing for broadcast you have to get the most important parts of the story out as quickly and clearly as possible. Broadcast writing is meant to be read aloud by an anchor, therefore it has to be as clear and concise as possible in order for the anchor to deliver the news correctly. 

    The biggest similarity between the two is the fact they are writing tools used for delivering news or important information. Broadcast and print are both written to be communicated to the public. 

   I prefer print over broadcast anyday. That might sound strange coming from me considering I am a Broadcasting Major. I have my reasons. One reason is that I prefer to know all the details of a story or every bit of information when it is told to me. When I watch a broadcast news story on television or listen to one on the radio, I always feel as if I’m left with too many unanswered questions. I am excluding “breaking news”stories when I say this. Broadcast is meant to get straight to get like bullet points. I prefer to read it all out and catch every detail. 


The Comparison


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