A Woman’s Beauty 

I will start this blog by saying: a woman’s beauty is defined by how comfortable she is in the skin she is in or what makes her feel most beautiful. 

  As a young woman growing up in this generation of “millennials”, I am constantly seeing trends of society indulging in makeup or being against makeup. 

   Growing up I would always curiously play in my mother’s makeup, jewelry, high heels, and perfume. Each time I would get caught my mother would clean my face and tell me I was too young and to wait until “my time”. 

  As I got older into middle school I would see other girls my age tragically attempting to wear makeup and it turned me off to the idea completely. 

   Once I was in high school, I still did not have a desire for wearing it. Of course. I participated in dance team, proms, homecomings, and pageants which requires makeup, but afterwards I would wipe it off and still feel indifferent. 

  I would always see movies, stuff on social media, or people making jokes about women hiding their “ugly” with makeup. While going through puberty and high school, teenage girls are sometimes insecure about many things. Being ugly was something I knew I was not, but I still had insecurities that I was not willing to hide behind. Therefore, I did not want to partake in the hiding behind makeup trend. 

   It was not until the spring semester of my freshman year in college that I began to wear makeup and have a desire for wearing it. I remember being in the Macy’s in a mall in New Orleans with my older sister and her boyfriend. My sister and I were trying on lipsticks just for the heck of. I came across this intriguing red lipstick by the company Urban Decay, called “Bad Blood”. The color seemed to fit my face and personality perfectly. 

  Growing up I have always had rather big lips. Which is something I have always been mildly insecure about over the years. Once I got into my teens and closer to college, I guess my face just grew into my lips. Now everything just fits well together. 

   Since that day in the mall with my “Bad Blood” experience, I have found myself in every Sephora store, online outlet, Kylie Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes I can get my hands on. I have 20+ lipsticks (in every color of the color wheel as my boyfriend says), and many other makeup products. Over the past year, I have practiced and learned how to do almost every process of makeup on my face and I am very proud of myself. 

   I look back at myself years ago being against makeup out of fear of being seen as hiding behind it, and I pity myself. Also, I shame the people and media that shames us women for wanting to express ourselves by wearing makeup. Women aren’t hiding behind it and  we’re not enhancing ourselves, we are simply enjoying being beautiful in our own ways. 

We Don’t Need It


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