I would like to start off by staying, I will not continue blogging or being a blogger. I believe blogging is something that you either give your all to or you do it only in your spare time. I have so much on my plate and I procrastinate so often, that I rarely ever have spare time. Though I did enjoy the experience of blogging. 

   Overall, the Media Writing course has developed me as a writer. By that I mean, has challenged me greatly. Throughout my middle school , high school, and some college career I have had teachers tell me how great of a writer I am. As I said in my “Introduction” blog, I am a Leo and I fall under every characteristic of a Leo. One of the bad characteristics I have is cockiness. Once I have had numerous teachers and professors tell me how great of a writer I am, I became even more cocky about my skill/talent. This spring semester in my Media Writing class has humbled me tremendously. 

     I say that the class has humbled me because I have been challenged in every aspect of writing involved in journalism. My cockiness enabled me to the point that I would wait until the night before deadlines to write assignments. Crazy as that sounds, I would still come out with an “A” or a high “B”. After a few assignments and grades in this Media Writing class, I came to the realization that my cockiness had become laziness and that laziness was overshadowing my talent. 

    The course itself is to teach us about and how to write under each Media writing tools. I realized that I am great at writing creatively or about an assigned topic, using my words and thoughts. Writing for the media means that I have a completely new format to adjust to and also some tools involved me using a prewritten story. This was my hardest adjustment of the entire course. 

   If anyone knows me like I know myself, I know that I have a serious issue when it comes to procrastination. I am always late to class, work, etc. When it comes to homework and assignment deadlines, I always wait until the night before or the day of. My boyfriend once told me that I would most likely be late to my own funeral when that day came.

    In all honesty, I am never doing anything while I’m procrastinating. Most people think I am on my phone scrolling one of my social media apps, playing “Word Cookies” or “Candy Crush” on my phone, or watching television. Majority of the time I am either asleep, staring at the wall/ceiling, or just laying around with my eyes closed thinking. Strangely enough, all my thoughts are about school, work, or my future. 

Anywho, I am getting off topic. This Media Writing course challenged me greatly, but it also opened my eyes to how when I put the time in my writing is so much better. The class was rather difficult, but the professor of the course (Mr. Tubbs) made it as simple as he possibly could. I enjoyed my time in his class because it was not like a regular college course. Tubbs did not just plainly put PowerPoint slides on the projector for us to blank-mindedly copy down. Tubbs lectured to us, elaborated on what he was lecturing, and also had us do in-class activities to help us better understand. I am thankful for his style of teaching, because if it were anyone else or any other way I probably would not have ingested as much knowledge and skill as I did. 

  Though, it has been a rough spring semester for me in school, I believe I handled it better than I did the fall. I am thankful of the challenge this course gave me as a writer and proud of the skill set I have achieved along the way.     


A Woman’s Beauty 

I will start this blog by saying: a woman’s beauty is defined by how comfortable she is in the skin she is in or what makes her feel most beautiful. 

  As a young woman growing up in this generation of “millennials”, I am constantly seeing trends of society indulging in makeup or being against makeup. 

   Growing up I would always curiously play in my mother’s makeup, jewelry, high heels, and perfume. Each time I would get caught my mother would clean my face and tell me I was too young and to wait until “my time”. 

  As I got older into middle school I would see other girls my age tragically attempting to wear makeup and it turned me off to the idea completely. 

   Once I was in high school, I still did not have a desire for wearing it. Of course. I participated in dance team, proms, homecomings, and pageants which requires makeup, but afterwards I would wipe it off and still feel indifferent. 

  I would always see movies, stuff on social media, or people making jokes about women hiding their “ugly” with makeup. While going through puberty and high school, teenage girls are sometimes insecure about many things. Being ugly was something I knew I was not, but I still had insecurities that I was not willing to hide behind. Therefore, I did not want to partake in the hiding behind makeup trend. 

   It was not until the spring semester of my freshman year in college that I began to wear makeup and have a desire for wearing it. I remember being in the Macy’s in a mall in New Orleans with my older sister and her boyfriend. My sister and I were trying on lipsticks just for the heck of. I came across this intriguing red lipstick by the company Urban Decay, called “Bad Blood”. The color seemed to fit my face and personality perfectly. 

  Growing up I have always had rather big lips. Which is something I have always been mildly insecure about over the years. Once I got into my teens and closer to college, I guess my face just grew into my lips. Now everything just fits well together. 

   Since that day in the mall with my “Bad Blood” experience, I have found myself in every Sephora store, online outlet, Kylie Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes I can get my hands on. I have 20+ lipsticks (in every color of the color wheel as my boyfriend says), and many other makeup products. Over the past year, I have practiced and learned how to do almost every process of makeup on my face and I am very proud of myself. 

   I look back at myself years ago being against makeup out of fear of being seen as hiding behind it, and I pity myself. Also, I shame the people and media that shames us women for wanting to express ourselves by wearing makeup. Women aren’t hiding behind it and  we’re not enhancing ourselves, we are simply enjoying being beautiful in our own ways. 

We Don’t Need It

Public Relations and Advertising 

   Public relations and advertising are easily compared and contrasted, because they are both fall under the same category. Public relations and advertising both simply push positive “images” out to the public for the company , person , or organization they working for. 

   In all honesty, public relations is thinly veiled advertising. A public relations representative’s job is to make sure there are positive images, news, stories, and information out about their client. Their client can range from a person, company, organization, school, and anything or anyone who needs positive representation. A public relations representative’s job could also involve “covering up” negative images for their clients or overshadowing the negative with the positive. It’s all in good faith to keep a good image. 

   Advertising is slightly different. An advertisement is a tool of persuasion, whether direct or indirect. When you see any asvertisement the purpose of it is to persuade you to desire something or to think a certain way about what you have seen or heard. Advertisements are made specifically for a company or organization, which means they will only be positive. 

     Public relations and advertising are pretty much one in the same. There are few differences in the two, but mostly similarities. In most cases advertisements are made by the public relations representative for that organization. 
Public Relations
The Comparison 

Broadcast and Print News

   There are multiple forms of news to choose from and utilize. Broadcast news and print are the two most commonly used over history. 

   Of course, print news came before broadcast news. Print news in the most simple form is a newspaper. Newspapers were the first outlet for getting news out to the public . Newspapers are still around today in our society, but are not popularly used. Newspapers are are used pretty much by the people of the generations that only had that as a resource for getting news(besides television). Print news is more than just a newspaper, it can be a magazine also. 

  Broadcast news is what you see on television or hear over the radio. Radio broadcasting came before television. Broadcast news came about as a way to get news out soon as possible. Newspapers come out daily and are printed the night before. Which means that whatever newsworthy that happened after printing, would have to wait until the next paper. Broadcasting over the radio or television makes it quicker to get out to the public. 

   Writing for print and writing for broadcast are completely different but yet similar. When writing for print you write the important parts of a story but you also get to go into details on the story or the information. While writing for broadcast you have to get the most important parts of the story out as quickly and clearly as possible. Broadcast writing is meant to be read aloud by an anchor, therefore it has to be as clear and concise as possible in order for the anchor to deliver the news correctly. 

    The biggest similarity between the two is the fact they are writing tools used for delivering news or important information. Broadcast and print are both written to be communicated to the public. 

   I prefer print over broadcast anyday. That might sound strange coming from me considering I am a Broadcasting Major. I have my reasons. One reason is that I prefer to know all the details of a story or every bit of information when it is told to me. When I watch a broadcast news story on television or listen to one on the radio, I always feel as if I’m left with too many unanswered questions. I am excluding “breaking news”stories when I say this. Broadcast is meant to get straight to get like bullet points. I prefer to read it all out and catch every detail. 


The Comparison

Death of Aron Hernandez 

    The news surfaced early this morning that former Patriot Tight End Aaron Hernandez, was found dead in his prison cell at 3:05 a.m. The cause of death is believed to be suicide, as Hernandez was found hanging in his cell where he had been alone throughout the night. 

   Hernandez was found guilty of murder in the first degree on August 15, 2015, and was serving out his sentence of life imprisonment with no possibility of parole in the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts. 

   Beginning in January of 2017, Hernandez was on trial for a double-murder charge as a result of a drive-by shooting involving Hernandez and a friend of his. On April 14, 2017 Hernandez was found not guilty on the double-murder. 

   Hernandez’s suicide happened just five days after him beating the double-murder charge. Which is why the correctional officers at the prison said that Hernandez was not displaying any different behavior or moods, and that is why there was no suspicion for him to be put on suicide watch.  Although there was no signs of trouble coming from Hernandez, the death has been ruled a suicide with no suspicions of foul play. 

Hernandez Found Dead
Death of Aaron Hernandez

The Challenge of Communicating Clearly Today

   I’m today’s world there is an ongoing challenge of communicating clearly. I firmly believe that any information (video, images, stories, news,etc.) given to any person is to be understood in that person’s perception. You can communicate the simplest things in as black and white as possible to a person, and there is still a chance that the person will have a different insight than what you expected them to have. 

 I believe that in our world today that communicating clearly has been such a challenge because of the different outlets of getting information out. You can get news from any source on the web, your phone, social media, the radio, television, news papers, and pretty much anything that a human being can utilize for that purpose. 

   Social media outlets are the most popularly used sources by teenagers to adults. Therefore, many news communicators have began to using social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,etc.). Each of these social media tools have different formatting, meaning each news outlet has to conform to the format in order to post. Which if you have used snap chat you know that you only get 10 seconds. That becomes a minor problem when attempting to communicate news, because many people can’t process information in 10 seconds. 

    There are also gossip blogs with their own websites and social media accounts, and they use them to put out important news often. For example, “The Shade Room” is a website that started as an Instagram account that mostly finds celebrity gossip and comments that are infamous. “The Shade Room” has became some popular and visited daily, that they have began to post serious news. That could be unclear to the visitors who are used to seeing celebrity gossip, which could cause people to misinterpret the news. 

    I do not believe anything needs to be changed about how anything is communicated in our world. I do believe it would be best for actual news sources to stick to using their own websites and if need be use Facebook or Twitter to link to their website, just to remain relevant in social media. No matter what the information will be interpreted in the reader’s perception. 
The Shade Room


If there was a such thing as a paid “professional procrastinator”, I would be a millionaire by now. Then again I might not, because I would most likely proscrastinate on proscrastinating. 

    As strange as this may all sound, it’s not uncommon for a college student such as as myself to be like this. I am currently in the last few weeks of my sophomore year at a university. Any college student who is almost through or actually done, can tell you how long th journey is. I’m only half way through it and I have intentions of returning to be in graduate school. 

   Many say freshman year is going to be either your hardest year or your easiest year. Mine was somewhere in between. Academically it was fine, but socially it was awful. I had a major break up and make up with my significant other (huge mental/emotional distraction), but I managed and pulled it all off.

  My fall semester of my sophomore year convinced me that I was not cut out for college and it was time to give it all up. With a little motivation from my family(and the fact that my parents have already invested approximately $10,000), I continued on into my spring semester. 

   For the spring semester I quit my job to focus more on school and have more time for studying and getting work done in general. Which brings me to a quote from one of my online courses syllabus: “With great time comes great responsibility”. All this free time has shown me how awesome of a procrastinator I am. 

   As a matter of fact, I have the best example to sum up how great I am at this craft. This blog I am typing on is an assignment for a class I am in, and I have had from January to April to create and finish it. Today is the deadline to finish all 12 blogs, and this one here is the third one I have typed. 

Procrastination in college