Communication Formats

The best communication formats would be any that are the most accurate, popular, and easiest accessed. That format would be under the platform of social media or internet in general. Majority of the world’s population has a smart phone. Any smart phone that has the ability to connect to the internet or download apps, are capable of connecting anyone to the world around them. Social media and the internet makes it easier and quicker for people to get information or news. The only downfall/negativity to social media and the internet is the fact that anyone can create an account or website. Meaning, anyone can create fake news or publish false information. Choosing the most accurate and trustworthy source for news and information is up to the viewer/reader.

Twitter and Facebook are similar in numerous ways. Facebook was founded in 2004 and Twitter in 2006. Overtime media and technology has changed, forcing both social media sites to change with it. Various news companies (news stations, news papers, etc.) have had to conform to using the internet to release their news and stay up to date with the people. Both Facebook and Twitter have the ability to get news out, mostly through user posts and tweets. Every one of these news outlets are able to create accounts with either Twitter or Facebook, and most have accounts with both in order to stay relevant. In my opinion Twitter is not the “new Facebook”, but rather its equal. Honestly, there is no better way to get information or news out. Majority of people with a smart phone that have accounts with either Twitter or Facebook have their phones and these sites in their face daily. Most don’t read an actual news paper or watch the televised news. Therefore, there is not a better way to get news and information out than Facebook or Twitter.

The only new media that maintains the integrity of journalism is the media that is created by actual news stations or news paper. I think that newspapers are the best at this, because they are the oldest form or news and has never changed. Newspapers have used the same writing rules for years and years, which has been trusted for forever. Newspapers and newspapers internet and media outlets are the best at maintaining the integrity of journalism.


Communication Formats

Communication Formats








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